Who are we?

Northwest Bridges Engineering is a bridge design company located in Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don) with over 100 projects of infrastructure have been designed and maintained all over the world.

Exceptional experience through narrow specialization.

For decades we have been designing bridges in extreme climate, from permafrost to tropics, and economic conditions, but that only allowed us to excel. In our company we have only qualified engineers, who obtained the best education and absorbed the ideas of making the world more available and convenient for everyone. Over the time our workers have been honing their skills for modern realities, still having a desire to help people and connect not only places, but also communities

Why us?

The main feature of our company is the narrow specialization combined with experience accumulated and applied throughout the years all around the world. This allows us to find individual solutions for every client.

Leninsky propekt, 104
Russia 198303


Saint-Petersburg +7 (812) 368-85-50